To be honest I could probably not write a book about the difference between the two of these.
Not that I’m any kind of authority or anything. There are just so many differences and crossover of course.
For the sake of this post, I will pull from my own experience to elaborate.
Something I don’t often talk about since I am general am not a huge fan of them is my experiences with different singing competition shows.
So a lot of people don’t know that there are a lot of “rounds” to get through on those shows.
To guarantee that they have a decent pool of talent they have scouting agencies that they will have reach out to people to bypass the open casting rounds.
You still have to audition but you get to skip a couple rounds.

A while back, Idol had reached out to me to audition in Philidelphia, and I accepted.
I was fortunate enough to make it to the judges round, but It didn’t get broadcast.
This is how it went for me…

I walked in the room, more nervous than I thought I would be. Jennifer Lopez has and will be my number one crush from now until death.
I had prepared a version of “Folsom Prison Blues” and as a full-time cover artist felt like I had a large pool of songs to choose from if they asked for another.
I sang the first one and it went pretty well, they all seemed to be into it, they asked me about myself and I said I was a “Jack of All Genres”
So they asked for some hip-hop. I sang a not great version of “Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy and then I waited.
I got a yes from Jlo, which honestly made it all worth it.
Keith Urban was on the fence, and then Harry Connick Jr. (Who I have honestly never really loved) said something that caused me to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about myself musically.
“You are a great performer, but we are looking for more of an artist”

At the time I didn’t know what the fuck that meant. I was pissed. I went out that night and got blackout drunk. Which was how I used to deal with insecurities.
I am so grateful for that moment now, and truly understand what they meant.
I didn’t have an identity as an artist or much of one as a person at that time.
Over the next several years I discovered that difference very well.

I had always wanted to write songs about challenging the typical love narrative and to empower people.
But I also thought people wouldn’t be into it. I cared way too much about other people’s criticism I was not embracing who I truly was.
I am now, and I as much as I love support, I can finally say, I don’t give a fuck what you think. And you shouldn’t give a fuck what I think.
I care about people deeply, I have more faith in most than they do themselves, but I no longer let anyone’s voice but mine in my head, and don’t value any ones opinion above mine.
I have a strong purpose, as opposed to what I had before, which was a loose dream of “making it” whatever the fuck that means.

Someone can be a great performer in any industry, I’ve personally seen it on the stage and in the kitchen, they are technically very capable, and shine at what they do.
However, there is no glint in their eye, you don’t really FEEL what they are doing, you just acknowledge that it is quality.
But to be an artist… To be an artist you have to be in touch with your true purpose and message, you create because it’s the thing that you can’t not do.
You are almost blindly driven forward to share because your fire is driving you to share your true gift.
You are almost always thinking about your art, and how it applies to everything in your life.

Of course, to really succeed as an artist, you need to be a good performer, and many that have found success in their respective industry understand how important constantly honing your craft is.

I am an artist. I have a message I need to spread. I want to sing a siren song for lightworkers and people who want to make the world a better, more loving place.
You can’t fake passion, not really, and that is what separates an artist from a performer.
I wish for everyone to find that place inside of them, that is often what my music is about, and It is the thing I can’t not do.

I would love to know what you think about this, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]
I am about community and connecting with other people who share my perspective.

Love you! ❤